Preliminary remarks:

The description of the latest developments of the project could  not yet be translated into English. However, the main principles of the construction have been maintained. Insofar, the Version No. 9 of the English presentation from 2006 are still relevant in most of its parts.

The main improvements, which are  presented in the German description
only, are as follows:
  1. The floats have been enlarged in relation to the main hull (their shape has been maintained).
  2. The "legs", which connect the floats with the main hull (vertical in the former version), have been forced apart by 10°.
  3. A new type of a wind generator has been installed, a so called "twister" with a vertical axis. It produces less wind pressure and reduces the danger of capsizing of the boat. When wind direction fits, it may be used alternatively as a group of wing sails for direct propulsion. Look at the drawings at the page "Windturbine als Segel".
  4. The drive is now accomplished by two electric motors, each of which drive a propeller. Each motor is situated in a pod, mounted at the front float.
  5. All in all, the design has been improved (see the first 3 pages of the german version, beginning with "Ueberleitung1"). 
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German version. Most of the pictures and drawings of the improved design speak for themselves!
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